2014 CAB (fictional) Payoff Pitch Baseball Season Set L/R Splits print version


Fictional season card set for Playoff Pitch Baseball. This card set includes 500 individual player cards and 16 unique ballpark charts.  No teams are included on the player cards allowing them to be easily drafted onto new teams.  If preferred, there is a small number on each player and ballpark card to allow them to be grouped into sixteen pre-defined teams.

This full color card set rates players on their performance vs Left-Handed and Right-Handed pitchers.

There is a PDF download available with this order that chronicles the fictional Continental Association Baseball league.  This is intended for those that would prefer to have a pre-defined league already set up.

The Payoff Pitch Baseball Game Parts are required to use this card set.

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Want to write your own baseball history or play without any preconceived notions about the players and teams? Then look no further than the Payoff Pitch Baseball fictional season set. Whether you want to draft and create your own teams or take the suggested pre-built teams, this set has everything you need to be immersed in an alternate baseball universe.

The player cards in this set have a small number under the player’s name. This number can be easily ignored if you want to draft your own teams or can be used to group the players into the sixteen pre-defined teams that play in the fictional Continental Association. Learn more below.

The inaugural Continental Association Baseball (CAB) season was an exciting and successful one. In the Eastern Division, four teams; Buffalo, Charlotte, Indianapolis, and Newark; battled all summer for the top spot. Charlotte (88-74) faded a little leaving the other three teams in the hunt in the last week of the season. Buffalo suffered a huge blow when they lost their all star second baseman, Morton Boyd (.299, 23 HR, 23 SB), at the start of September. Without him the team ended the season with a record of 92-70 which would have been good enough for first place in the Western Division, but left them a game short behind both Newark and Indianapolis with each of those teams finishing tied with identical 93-69 records. Indianapolis won the tie-breaker game to claim first place and a trip to the CAB Championship Series.

Over in the Western Division Las Vegas, San Antonio, and Vancouver fought for the division crown. It would come down to the final week in the West as well with Vancouver (91-71) edging Las Vegas (90-72) by a game and San Antonio (89-73) by two games to win the Western Division and advance to face Indianapolis.

The CAB Championship Series will feature CAB’s most potent offense in Indianapolis (four players with over 100 runs scored and seven players with 10 or more homeruns) against one of CAB’s best pitching staffs in Vancouver (the top four starting pitchers combined to win 67 games with a 3.12 ERA). The CAB Championship Series has yet to be played. Are you ready to play out the series and crown the first CAB Champion?

Download the CAB regular season schedule in either Excel or PDF format using the links below.

CAB Schedule - Excel version
CAB Schedule - PDF version

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