Please visit the PPB Resources page to download additional scoresheets, a PDF playing field and other Official Payoff Pitch Baseball items.

idjester Payoff Pitch Baseball Charts – Optional game charts created by IDJESTER.  Page 3 of the charts includes a YouTube link to instructions how to use the charts.

Optional Jump Chart – An optional Jump chart for use with Payoff Pitch Baseball.  It incorporates both the pitcher HOLD and runner JUMP ratings to determine if the runner attempts to steal the next base or holds

Optional Sacrifice Fly Chart – A sacrifice fly chart to use whenever there is a runner on 3rd base with less than two outs.  Incorporates outfielder’s ARM rating and runner’s RUN rating

Alternate Bases Empty Rare Play chart – Created by J A Howell, alternate Bases Empty Rare Play results chart.  The chart requires two different six-sided dice as the results are 11 to 66

J A Howell's Additional Rules – Created by J A Howell, additional house rules to be used to extend the enjoyment of Payoff Pitch Baseball

Alternate Pitcher Fatigue Rule –  Dr. Tom’s excellent fatigue rating system

Bunt charts by George Adams – George Adams Sacrifice and Squeeze bunt charts

1889 Rare Play Charts – 1889 Rare Play Chart created by George Adams


Basho Fury All-Time Greats fanmade set – Made by “Danny”, this set includes 72 Yokozuna and 24 Ozeki from across the ages.  The cards are similar, but not the same as the official cards that come with the game.  The biggest difference is the Kimarite (winning technique) is based on a percentile dice roll instead of 2d6.


Please visit the GDB Resources page to download additional scoresheets, the Game Manual and a list of the 100 Heavy Weight Boxers included with the game.


SSG Basketball score sheets_PDF – Various scoresheets designed for use with SSG Basketball.


Check out KevElias’ line of Scoreboard games here.