Glory Days Boxing Game Bundle


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Bundle and Save $30 (16%) over all sets individually!

This listing is for the printed Glory Days Boxing game bundle, which includes the base game and 800 fighters. The original 100 Heavyweight boxers, 100 Light Heavyweight boxers, 100 Middleweight boxers, 100 Welterweight boxers, 100 Lightweight boxers, 100 Featherweight boxers, 100 Bantamweight boxers and 100 Flyweight Boxers. The list of boxers included in each set can be found in the PDF files linked in the Description section below. Additional sets not listed here sold separately.

The printed game components include five Dice (two six-sided, two ten-sided and one twenty-sided), the Master game chart, the Referee and Judge chart and Score sheet.

Accurate and easy to play, Glory Days Boxing brings the excitement of big time boxing to your tabletop using a unique “Ring General” system that ensures the more skilled boxer dictates the action and outcome of the bout.  Just like real life, upsets, flash knockdowns and several rare events can and do occur to make each bout unique and replayable.  Boxers are rated to produce true to life performance with the majority of results coming directly from the boxer cards.

**Glory Days Boxing printed versions are only available to ship within the United States.  Anthony is currently not shipping outside the United States.

**Please note Glory Days Boxing ships separately from all other Sideline Strategy Games and add-ons.  Orders for both Glory Days Boxing and a Sideline Strategy Games product will incur higher shipping charges since they cannot be packaged and bundled in one shipping box, but instead ship from two different states.  I apologize for any inconvenience and the additional shipping charges.



Anthony Crooks presents Glory Days Boxing.

This listing is for the printed game bundle which includes the Glory Days Boxing game and all available boxer sets.  Each set contains 100 fighters.  The full list of boxers included in each fighter set can be found in the PDF files linked below.




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