Glory Days Boxing Bantamweight Boxer Set – PDF version


Accurate and easy to play, Glory Days Boxing brings the excitement of big time boxing to your tabletop using a unique “Ring General” system that ensures the more skilled boxer dictates the action and outcome of the bout.  Just like real life, upsets, flash knockdowns and several rare events can and do occur to make each bout unique and replayable.  Boxers are rated to produce true to life performance with the majority of results coming directly from the boxer cards.

This listing is for the PDF download version of 100 Bantamweight boxers to add to the Glory Days Boxing Game universe.  The complete list of boxers is below.

The PDF download link will be available immediately on the order confirmation page after payment has been processed and will be automatically emailed to the email address provided.  The download link is also always available from the My Account page.  Log in to the account and choose the Downloads link from the left hand menu to access the PDF file.



PDF add-on boxer set for use with Anthony Crooks’ Glory Days Boxing.

This boxer set includes 100 Bantamweight boxers as listed below.

Tommy Abobo, Joseph Agbeko, Paulus Ambunda, Akeem Anifowoshe, Manuel Armenteros, Tim Austin, Paulie Ayala, Manny Barrios, Jimmy Barry, Jose Becerra, Archie Bell, George Bowes, Joe Bowker, Johnny Bredahl, Frankie Burns, Paul Butler, Eddie Campi, Gaby Canizales, Orlando Canizales, Jimmy Carruthers, Little Cezar, Jeff Chandler, Johnny Clark, Julio Coronel, Johnny Coulon, Speedy Dado, Alberto Davila, Nonito Donaire, Frankie Duarte, Sixto Escobar, Jeff Fenech, Troy Fletcher, Kid Francis, Khaokor Galaxy, Henry Gault, Abe Goldstein, Bushy Graham, Bobby Green, Fighting Harada, Harry Harris, Lobster Hayashida, Pete Herman, Rafael Herrera, Kid Hogan, Naoya Inoue, Eder Jofre, Junior Jones, Masaki Kawabata, Tommy Kelly, Johnny King, Prakorb Udomna, Charles Ledoux, Miguel Lora, Joe Lynch, Paddy Maguire, Jason Moloney, Rafael Marquez, Rodolfo Martinez, Steve McCrory, Terry McGovern, Jose Medel, Ernesto Miranda, Boots Monroe, Memphis Pal Moore, Chappie Moran, Owen Moran, Eijiro Murata, Fili Nava, Frankie Neil, Packey O’Gatty, Ruben Olivares, Manuel Ortiz, Little Pancho, Chan Young Park, Mauricio Pastrana, Raul Perez, Jesus Pimentel, Cris Pineda, Lupe Pintor, Billy Plimmer, Adonis Rivas, Charley Rosenberg, Heriberto Ruiz, Lou Salica, Richie Sandoval, Agustin Senin, Billy Skelly, Midget Smith, Julian Solis, Digger Stanley, Rosey Stoy, Johnny Tapia, Bud Taylor, Hurricane Teru, Vic Toweel, Jimmy Walsh, Ike Weir, Kid Williams, Alfonso Zamora and Carlos Zarate.


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