Glory Days Boxing Featherweight Boxer Set


Accurate and easy to play, Glory Days Boxing brings the excitement of big time boxing to your tabletop using a unique “Ring General” system that ensures the more skilled boxer dictates the action and outcome of the bout.  Just like real life, upsets, flash knockdowns and several rare events can and do occur to make each bout unique and replayable.  Boxers are rated to produce true to life performance with the majority of results coming directly from the boxer cards.

This is an add-on boxer card set and does not include the components needed to play the game.

**Glory Days Boxing printed versions are only available to ship within the United States.  Anthony is currently not shipping outside the United States.

**Please note Glory Days Boxing ships separately from all other Sideline Strategy Games and add-ons.  Orders that include both Glory Days Boxing and a Sideline Strategy Games products will incur higher shipping charges since they cannot be packaged and bundled in one shipping box, but instead ship from two different states.  I apologize for any inconvenience and the additional shipping charges.



Add-on boxer set for use with Anthony Crooks’ Glory Days Boxing.

This boxer set includes 100 Featherweight boxers as listed below.

Miguel Acevedo, Clarence Adams, Eric Aiken, Baby Arizmendi, Abe Attell, Mike Ayala, Marco Antonio Berrera, Benny Bass, Percy Bassett, Hogan Bassey, Miguel Berrios, Battling Bolo, Angel Chacon, Bobby Chacon, Kid Chocolate, Eddie Compo, Young Corbett II, Pat Cowdell, Frankie Crawford, Eugene Criqui, Steve Cruz, Johnny Cuthbert, George Dixon, Troy Dorsey, Jim Driscoll, Johnny Dundee, Mike Dundee, Guty Espadas Jr, Louie Espinoza, Johnny Famechon, Dick Finnegan, Yuiriokis Gamboa, Wilfredo Gomez, Alejandro Gonzalez, Jackie Graves, Young Griffo, Calvin Grove, Naseem Hamed, Scott Harrison, Babe Herman, Aurelio Herrera, Paul Hodkinson, Harry Jeffra, Chris John, Rocky Juarez, Kevin Kelley, Johnny Kilbane, Takashi Koshimoto, David Kotey, Juan LaPorte, Jorge Linares, Danny Lopez, Juan Manuel Lopez, Ray Lunny, Juan Domingo Malvarez, KO Mars, Barry McGuigan, Manuel Medina, Freddie Miller, Davey Moore, Erik Morales, Torpedo Billy Murphy, Carmelo Negron, Azumah Nelson, Spider Nemoto, Freddie Norwood, Jorge Paez, Young-Kyun Park, Tommy Paul, Eusebio Pedroza, Willie Pep, Young Pluto, Sugar Ramos, Elio Rojas, Miguel Roman, Chico Rosa, Gary Russell Jr., Sandy Sadler, Vicente Saldivar, Clemente Sanchez, Salvador Sanchez, Leo Santa Cruz, Petey Sarron, Petey Scalzo, Solly Smith, Jorge Solis, Benny Soloman, Maurizio Stecca, Shakur Stevenson, Dave Sullivan, Kazuo Takayama, Bernard Taylor, Frankie Toledo, Jayson Velez, Marcos Villasana, Nicholas Walters, Josh Warrington, Billy Whistler, Chalky Wright, Pete Zivic


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