Payoff Pitch Baseball Sample Team Set


A sample of twelve printed and pre-cut teams.  Each sample team comes with 14 position players, 10 pitchers and a ballpark card.

The sample teams included are the 1954 New York Yankees, 1954 Cleveland Indians, 1954 New York Giants and 1954 Brooklyn Dodgers. These teams represent the Standard season sets and do not include Left/Right Splits on the position player cards. The remaining demo teams are the L/R Splits version of the player cards. The teams are the 1979 Baltimore Orioles, 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates, 1979 Oakland A’s, 1979 Atlanta Braves, 1986 Boston Red Sox, 1986 California Angels, 1986 New York Mets and 1986 Houston Astros.

This is an add-on set and does not include the Payoff Pitch Baseball Game Parts.

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Ballpark and player card size is 2.5″ x 3.5″.


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Sample printed teams with 24 player cards and 1 ballpark card per team.  Includes a mix of standard player card with no splits and the LR splits version that incorporates vs LHP and vs RHP split ratings.


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