Glory Days Boxing Supplement 1 Boxer Set


Accurate and easy to play, Glory Days Boxing brings the excitement of big time boxing to your tabletop using a unique “Ring General” system that ensures the more skilled boxer dictates the action and outcome of the bout.  Just like real life, upsets, flash knockdowns and several rare events can and do occur to make each bout unique and replayable.  Boxers are rated to produce true to life performance with the majority of results coming directly from the boxer cards.

This is an add-on boxer card set and does not include the components needed to play the game.

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Add-on boxer set for use with Anthony Crooks’ Glory Days Boxing.

This boxer set includes 100 boxers in various weight classes as listed below.

Bob Pastor (HW), Hasim Rahman (HW), Oleksandr Usyk (HW), Dillian Whyte (HW), Eleider Alvarez (LHW), Artur Beterbiev (LHW), Demetrius Andrade (MW), Jermall Charlo (MW), Joey Giardello (MW), Laszlo Papp (MW), Caleb Plant (MW), Adrien Broner (WW), Billy Smith (WW), Errol Spence Jr (WW), Robin Blake (LW), Gervonta Davis (LW), Esteban DeJesus (LW), Ryan Garcia (LW), Devin Haney (LW), Teofimo Lopez (LW), Bruno Arcari (JWW), Wilfred Benitez (JWW), Jackie Berg (JWW), Johnny Bumphus (JWW), Antonio Cervantes (JWW), Juan Martin (JWW), Arturo Gatti (JWW), Ricky Hatton (JWW), Willie Joyce (JWW), Nicolino Locche (JWW), Duillo Loi (JWW), Saoul Mamby (JWW), Lovermore N’Dou (JWW), Eddie Perkins (JWW), Aaron Pryor (JWW), Frankie Randall (JWW), Ubaldo Sacco (JWW), Meldrick Taylor (JWW), Kostya Tszyu (JWW), Micky Ward (JWW), Tomasz Adamek (CW), O’Neil Bell (CW), Marvin Camel (CW), Piet Crous (CW), Carlos DeLeon (CW), Juan Carlos (CW), ST Gordon (CW), Evander Holyfield (CW), Vassiliy Jirov (CW), Guillermo Jones (CW), Jeff Lampkin (CW), Nate Miller (CW), Jean-Marc Mormeck (CW), Lee Roy (CW), Johnny Nelson (CW), Orlin Norris (CW), Ossie Ocasio (CW), Ralf Rocchigiani (CW), Carl Thompson (CW), Anaclet Wamba (CW), Tony Ayala Jr (JMW ), Laurent Boudouani (JMW ), Luis Ramon (JMW ), Joe Harris (JMW ), Maurice Hope (JMW ), Ayub Kalule (JMW ), Masashi Kudo (JMW ), Freddie Little (JMW ), Rocky Mattioli (JMW ), Sandro Mazzinghi (JMW ), Mike McCallum (JMW ), Luigi Minchillo (JMW ), Davey Moore (JMW ), Denny Moyer (JMW ), John Mugabi (JMW ), Terry Norris (JMW ), David Reid (JMW ), Fernando Vargas (JMW ), Koichi Wajima (JMW ), Winky Wright (JMW ), Frankie Baltazar (JLW ), Cornelius Boza-Edwards (JLW ), Diego Corrales (JLW ), Gabriel Elorde (JLW ), Alfredo Escalera (JLW ), Tyrone Everett (JLW ), Acelino Freitas (JLW ), Genaro Hernandez (JLW ), Jesse James (JLW ), Rafael Limon (JLW ), Rocky Lockridge (JLW ), Tony Lopez (JLW ), Brian Mitchell (JLW ), John-John Molina (JLW ), Tod Morgan (JLW ), Robbie Peden (JLW ), Samuel Serrano (JLW ), Regilio Tuur (JLW ), Ben Villaflor (JLW ), Apollo Yoshio (JLW )

Glory Days Boxing – Supplement 1 Fighter List – Glory Days Boxing Game Supplement 1 Boxers list


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