Bank Shot Basketball – Printed Game


With two distinct Fast Action Card decks, dice and player cards, Bank Shot Basketball offers dynamic gameplay and realistic basketball action.

The heart of Bank Shot Basketball lies in its player cards, which feature detailed ratings for each player. These ratings include offensive and defensive ratings, rebounding ability, assist ratings, and shooting accuracy. Each player card is divided into offense and defense sections, allowing players to assess their strengths and weaknesses on both ends of the court.

To simulate the fast-paced nature of basketball, Bank Shot Basketball uses two distinct Fast Action Card decks: the “Action” deck and the “Fast Break” deck. These decks contain a variety of match-ups and results to begin and resolve each possession. In addition to the Fast Action Card decks, dice play a crucial role in determining possession outcomes. Two six-sided dice and two ten-sided dice are used to simulate the various possibilities of a possession found directly on the player cards. Bank Shot Basketball does not use any extra charts as all results come directly from the player or Fast Action cards.

Team ratings in Bank Shot Basketball add depth and variety to the gameplay. Each team is rated based on their pace, fast break ability, and press defense.

Not a fan of substituting players in and out every few minutes? Then use the “Simulation” game board which has a starter and bench player at each position on the board for each team. No more substitutions and the game flows without needless pauses to switch player cards around. Once familiar with the game, a full game with stat keeping can be played in under 90 minutes, less when using the Simulation game board.

Whether you’re a seasoned basketball fan or new to the sport, Bank Shot Basketball offers a thrilling tabletop experience that captures the essence of basketball. Take control of your team and lead your players to victory in this action-packed game. Get ready to experience the thrill of the game like never before.


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Bank Shot Basketball comes complete with Instructions, one Action deck of 168 cards, one Fast Break deck of 168 cards, two six-sided dice, two ten-sided dice, one game board with five players per team and one game board with 10 players per team.

No printed player cards are included with the printed game components.


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