2021-2022 College Season SSG Basketball Season


2021-2022 College Season for SSG Basketball. Includes one team card for every Division I team.  No individual player cards are included in this card set.

The team cards in the college sets allow SSG Basketball to be played in 40 to 50 minutes with full stat keeping.

This is an add-on set and does not include any game components.  Game parts may be purchased separately as either PDF or printed components.

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Team and player card size is 2.5″ x 3.5″.

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Includes a card for every Division I team.  Please note every team receives one team card and there are no individual player cards included in the College Team sets.

The College sets has some slight differences from the pro player cards.  Two new defensive ratings are included, Turnover and MISS (which is similar to the PASS rating except it is an automatic missed shot).  Rebounding and Assists are also different.  The differences are explained in a one page sheet that comes with the College Team sets.




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