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Payoff Pitch Baseball offers a unique approach to Americas Pastime.  Every at-bat begins on the pitchers card and flows to either the batters card or the ballpark chart.  Once on the batters card, the result of the at-bat will be determined with no additional dice rolls or chart look ups.  This not only flows like a real game of baseball, but is done very quickly with most full nine inning games being completed in under 30 minutes.

For those that prefer playing with Fast Action Cards (FAC) over Dice and Charts, Payoff Pitch has you covered!  A 252 card FAC deck takes the place of the dice and most charts without sacrificing any of the intrigue of the dice rolls.  The PDF cards are intended to be printed double-sided to create a deck of 126 cards.

**Both the Dice version of the game and the Fast Action Card system (FAC) are included.  The Dice version is presented first in the PDF file and then separate FAC instructions, follow at the end of the rule book.**

A 12 team demo pack is included with the PDF game parts and listed below.  Full season card sets may be purchased separately.

** This is the PDF version of the game.  The download links will be available immediately on the confirmation page and in a purchase confirmation email.  The download links may also be found using the left side menu on the My Account page if you create or log in to your account and do not use Guest Checkout.**

Each file may be downloaded a maximum of 5 times.  Please download and save the files before printing.

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More detail about Payoff Pitch Baseball and an example of game play can be found here.

There will be two PDF files linked in the order confirmation email and available to download from the My Account page if you login or create an account during the checkout process.  Everything is the same in each file; however, one file is formatted to print on US Letter paper and the other is formatted to print on A4 paper.  Please note the PDF game comes with 12 sample teams to play with.  The sample teams are included in each file.  The A4 file only has the PDF sample teams while the US PDF file contains sample teams in the US PDF format and a PDF sample of the player cards in the printed card layout and size.   

The sample teams are listed below.

  • 1954 New York Yankees – Standard version
  • 1954 Cleveland Indians – Standard version
  • 1954 New York Giants – Standard version
  • 1954 Brooklyn Dodgers – Standard version
  • 1979 Baltimore Orioles – L/R Splits version
  • 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates – L/R Splits version
  • 1979 Oakland A’s – L/R Splits version
  • 1979 Atlanta Braves – L/R Splits version
  • 1986 Boston Red Sox – L/R Splits version
  • 1986 California Angels – L/R Splits version
  • 1986 New York Mets – L/R Splits version
  • 1986 Houston Astros – L/R Splits version
  • The ballpark cards for all teams are also included

2 reviews for Payoff Pitch Baseball PDF Game Parts

  1. medicemtp (verified owner)

    you can not beat this game for the price been watching this game a while wish i had got it sooner, really fun baseball game, easy to learn and a blast to play, i have played about all the major baseball board games and this game is right there with the best in just being fun to play and has the best flow of all of them

  2. Jake Hobbs (verified owner)

    Let me start by saying I have very very limited experience playing tabletop baseball. I purchased the game parts to get a feel and see if I enjoy it and I’m glad that I did.
    The instructions are clear and concise. In a couple of hours play time I feel like I have a very good grasp of the games basic mechanics and could teach someone else. If you were ever curious about this hobby, this package is an ideal place to start. Now to decide which season I want to try and tackle!

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