Payoff Pitch Baseball Instructions and Charts – 2021 version


After 8 years, Payoff Pitch Baseball received it first significant update in September 2021.  Instead of trying to cram every chart on to 3 pages and providing just the bare minimum in explanation and results, Payoff Pitch Baseball now has expanded explanations and clarifications in the rule book and on the charts which now fit on 8 double-sided pages of high quality glossy stock.  There have been several updates and improvements added in several areas including base running rules, hit & run rules and fatigued pitcher adjustments.  The rare plays have been greatly expanded and instead of all fitting on 1 page are now spread across 9 pages and specific to both the pitcher’s pitch quality (WHEELHOUSE/BALLPARK, PATIENT, TOUGH, IN-PLAY and DEFENSE) with different plays if the Bases are Empty or there are Runners on Base.

The price of $11 is the rounded up cost of the printed charts and shipping is already included.  If you purchase the updated instructions and charts with a printed season set, a $5 discount will be automatically applied during check out.


Updated printed rule book and game charts for Payoff Pitch Baseball.


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