Basho Fury Sumo Game Parts PDF Version


Experience the exciting and fast-paced world of Sumo on  your tabletop.  The Basho Fury Sumo game parts include the 2015-2016 card set.

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The 2015-2016 card set included with the game parts contains 136 rikishi (wrestler) cards.  Each rikishi is rated for their overall sumo ability, power, technique and balance.  Rikishi that competed at different levels during the rating period also receive secondary ratings at each level they competed at to ensure accurate results.

Basho Fury is a quick playing Sumo game.  To begin a match, compare the overall ratings of the rikishi to determine which rikishi is favored to win and how big a favorite he is.  Roll two six-sided dice to start the match.  In some cases, the winner of the match will be determined with that initial roll of the dice.  If there is no winner from the initial roll of the dice, the dice result will determine which rikishi is in control of the match.  A second roll of the dice and check of the Control chart will either determine the winner or provide additional instructions to continue the match.  Most matches will end with the winning rikishi rolling the dice, adding them, and checking his rikishi card to determine the kimarite (winning technique) used.  Some of the included charts and results will also specify how the the match was won.


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