2023 Payoff Pitch Baseball Season Set Standard PDF version


This card set includes player cards with ratings based on their overall season stats.

The downloadable file includes the player cards and ballpark cards.  In total there are 1,798 cards on 225 pages.  The top 32 players based on usage for each team are presented first.  Then the combined totals cards and remaining player cards with the ballpark cards at the end of the file. Please note due to a sorting error, some of the combined totals cards are interspersed with the top 32 player cards for each team.

This card set does not have left / right splits on the player cards.

This is an add-on card set and does not include the game parts.

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Please note there are two download links.  Both contain the exact same items.  One is formatted to be printed on standard 8-1/2  x 11 Letter size paper.  The other file is formatted to be printed on 210mm x 297mm A4 size paper.

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2023 Big League season set for Payoff Pitch Baseball.  All player cards are rated based their overall season statistics.  The player cards do not include split ratings vs L or vs R and instead have one set of ratings as pictured in the product image above.

Every player to bat or pitch* in a regular season game has been rated to receive their own individual card.

*Please note, position players that pitched during the 2021 season are not carded as pitchers.  Please use the Emergency Pitcher card included with the game parts when requiring a position player pitch in a game.  Shohei Ohtani is the only players to receive both an individual batter card and a pitcher card.



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