Precision Rugby 15s Edition – 2020 Southern 3-Country Tournament


All three teams have full team cards including try scorers (including extra scorers) and individual goal kicker ranges, along with the tournament-specific control charts. As the tournament was played in one country, no home-and-away differences have been applied.

Due to the pandemic, South Africa chose not to travel and all of the six matches that remained to be played were done so solely in Australia.

With the World Champions absent, New Zealand also claimed back the Southern 3/4-Country Tournament championship from them, although they lost both to Australia 24-22, a week after beating them by 38 points, and then a historic first loss to Argentina 25-15. In their final match, the New Zealanders shut out the South Americans and would claim the title as the Australians and Argentineans drew both of the matches between each other.

Precision Rugby 15s replicates a game of Rugby Union. Additional details can be found in the Product Description below.

The download links are provided immediately on the order confirmation page.  An email with download links will also be sent upon order completion.  The files may be downloaded from this web site by logging into the My Account page and choosing Downloads from the left hand menu.


The full, illustrated game instructions are included with this team set.

The following dice are required to play Precision Rugby 15s: one twenty-sided (d20), two to three six-sided dice (d6) of different colours and an optional ten-sided die (d10).

A quick summary of game play.  Match up two teams by selecting their team cards.  Use the team ratings to determine the modified Control, Try and Kick at Goal ranges.  Roll four dice (d20, 2d6 and d10).  Refer to the d20 (also known as the Control die) to determine which team controls the current possession.  The 2d6 result will indicate if there is a scoring oppportunity (Try or Kick at Goal) or not.  If using the optional timing method, the d10 indicates the amount of time that has passed.  Individual players and goal kickers are listed with their tries and kick ranges though the game may be played without assigning individual statistics.


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