Precision Rugby 15s Edition – 2020-21 5-Country League


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the season ended up being split into two, with the South African teams scheduled to compete unable to travel to and from Europe. Leinster again became champions, albeit this time having lost two matches on the way, when they defeated fellow Irish side Munster 16-6 in the final for a fourth straight and eighth overall crown. The season saw the four Irish sides dominate as they swept the top two places in each conference.

Following the league season, the four former Southern Club League sides replaced their counterparts Free State and Eastern Cape K in the Cup competition, as an introduction before they join the league in the following season. Due to continuing restrictions, the consolidated single competition was split into two, one for each hemisphere. In an incredible turnaround, Italy’s Treviso went from winning no matches in the league season to not losing a match in the European section and qualifying for the final against South African winners Northern Gauteng, before claiming the first-ever title for an Italian club with a stunning 35-8 win at home in the final.

The full, illustrated game instructions are included with this team set.

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All 16 teams from both the League season and the ensuing Cup season are included in this set with split home and away ratings and full team cards for try scorers and individual goal kickers, along with league-specific control charts for home-and-away and neutral venue matches.

Precision Rugby 15s is a possession by possession game replicating a game of Rugby Union.

The full, illustrated game instructions are included with this team set.

The following dice are required to play Precision Rugby 15s: one twenty-sided (d20), two to three six-sided dice (d6) of different colours and an optional ten-sided die (d10).


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