Precision Handball Georgia 2019 Emerging Nations Championship


Georgia 2019 – all 12 teams rated from the third men’s World Championship for newer handball-playing nations, held in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, with basic team cards and quick score module ratings included.

Each team is rated for Fast Breaks, field (6m and 9m) and wing shots, penalties, turnovers/steals, breakthroughs, defense and timing.  Teams also have Quick Play ratings which can provide a game score with just a couple rolls of the dice.

Includes game instructions and quick play module.  Dice are not included with the PDF download.

A download link will be immediately available on the order confirmation page and emailed to you after completion of the check out process.  You may also find your download links using the left side menu on the My Account page.


The Georgia 2019 Emerging Nations Championship 12-team set for Precision Handball.  The hosts would claim the title with a 31-21 win over Cuba, with Bulgaria winning an exceptionally high-scoring bronze medal match against Great Britain 47-31. As well as these four nations, Azerbaijan, China, Colombia, India, Ireland, Malta, Nigeria and the United States contested these championships.

The full Precision Handball game uses team cards, two six-sided and two ten-sided dice to simulate a handball match one possession at a time.  Quick play ratings and instructions are also included to allow a game to be simulated with a couple rolls of the dice.

This set includes two versions of the team cards, the “full” cards that include team ratings with individual scorers and goal keepers and another smaller version of the team card that does not include scorers.



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