Precision Handball Denmark 2020 Women’s European Championship


The set contains all 16 teams from the tournament hosted by Denmark, with each team receiving both full and basic team cards along with goal scorers lists and Quick Score Module ratings. This set also contains the new split defensive ratings for shots in normal Attack vs Defence formations and for 1 vs 1 with the opposition’s goalkeeper, as well as the optional attacking adjustments to take into account the relative strength of each opponent they played in the tournament.

Norway continued their domination of the competition as they regained their title from France with a 22-20 win over them in the final as they won an eighth European title. Croatia rebounded from an 11-goal loss in the semi-final to the French to claim third place with a 25-19 win over the hosts, to claim their best-ever finish.

Precision Handball uses team cards, two six-sided and two ten-sided dice to simulate a handball match one possession at a time.

The download links are provided immediately on the order confirmation page.  An email with download links will also be sent upon order completion.  The files may be downloaded from this web site by logging into the My Account page and choosing Downloads from the left hand menu.


Includes game instructions and quick play module.  The required dice are not included with the PDF download.

Each team is rated for Fast Breaks, field (6m and 9m) and wing shots, penalties, turnovers/steals, breakthroughs, defense and timing.  Teams also have Quick Play ratings which can provide a game score with just a couple rolls of the dice.


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