Precision Handball 2019 Men’s World Championship


The 2019 Men’s Handball World Championship set for Precision Handball.

Precision Handball uses team cards, two six-sided and two ten-sided dice to simulate a handball match one possession at a time.

Includes game instructions and quick play module.  The required dice are not included with the PDF download.


2019 Men’s World Championship Team Set

Germany-Denmark 2019 Men’s World Championship – all 24 teams from the 2019 Men’s World Championship, jointly held by Germany and Denmark, including the new basic cards and quick score module.

The hosts Denmark would use that to record their first ever title by first defeating the two-time champions France in a comfortable semi-final win, before equally putting to the sword Norway 31-22 in the final. The Norwegians denied Germany an all-host final with their semi-final triumph, but the final loss was a second in a row in their hopes for a maiden crown. The French claimed a bronze medal when claiming a late win 26-25 over the Germans.

Each team is rated for Fast Breaks, field (6m and 9m) and wing shots, penalties, turnovers/steals, breakthroughs, defense and timing.  Teams also have Quick Play ratings which can provide a game score with just a couple rolls of the dice.




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