Precision Handball 2019 League Edition


Precision Handball League Edition 2019.  This set contains all the teams from the top two men’s flights in Germany and France, along with all the teams who competed in the main rounds of the men’s and women’s European League.  Quick score module ratings and group modifiers are also included for appropriate competitions.

Precision Handball League Edition uses team ratings, two six-sided and two ten-sided dice to simulate a handball match one possession at a time.

Includes the Precision Handball League and Quick Score Modules.


2019 – following requests from customers who used previous Precision Handball League Edition sets, this year’s release does not contain any goal scoring lists for each team. Instead all the team ratings are in a single set.  Extra second-tier divisions from the German and French men’s leagues were added to add something extra in its place.

Uses the Precision Handball League Module which is included with the ratings.





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