Precision Field Hockey 2018 Men’s World Cup


The 2018 Men’s World Cup team set for Precision Field Hockey.

The full game instructions and Simplified Play module are included.


2018 Men’s World Cup – all 16 teams from the Men’s World Cup held in India. Belgium became champions for the first time with a shootout win over their local rivals the Netherlands, with Australia routing their more distant rivals England for third place.

Please note this set does not have all the statistics available, so this is somewhat of a test to see what the response is. Other older Olympic sets also wouldn’t have these either if rated. All field goals and penalty corner goals are now listed under “Normal Play” and there is only one “Shot Adjustment” value due to this. In addition, there will be no “Pressure” rating as it is not available and also redundant without the splits.

Includes all game instructions.


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