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Glory Days College Football brings the excitement of big time College Football to your tabletop, in a format we think you will find flexible, accurate and easy to play. Depending on the mode you play, a game will take 30 to 90 minutes. Base game includes 30 all time great teams and offers a quick play mode, as well as a hybrid and play by play mode based on a unique “trench control” system, which generally ensures that the team with the highest skill level prevails. However, as in real life, upsets and an array of uncommon and rare events can occur. Each team is rated on their season performance in a way designed to produce true to life performance.

All components will be included with the game includijg the Excel stats helper which can be downloaded on the order confirmation page or via the link in the order confirmation email.

The price of $40 includes shipping.


Glory Days College Football comes complete with the game manual, event chart, game charts, 30 teams from the 1945 to 2019 seasons and an Excel Helper file.

Please note this is the printed version of the product.


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