Glory Days Boxing Game and Lightweight boxers Bundle


This listing is for the full printed Glory Days Boxing game that includes 100 printed and pre-cut heavyweight boxers of various skill level and the first official add-on of 100 Lightweight boxers.  The complete list of boxers is below.  The printed game components also include five Dice (two six-sided, two ten-sided and one twenty-sided), the Master game chart, the Referee and Judge chart and Score sheet.

Accurate and easy to play, Glory Days Boxing brings the excitement of big time boxing to your tabletop using a unique “Ring General” system that ensures the more skilled boxer dictates the action and outcome of the bout.  Just like real life, upsets, flash knockdowns and several rare events can and do occur to make each bout unique and replayable.  Boxers are rated to produce true to life performance with the majority of results coming directly from the boxer cards.

**Please note Glory Days Boxing ships separately from all other Sideline Strategy Games and add-ons.  Orders for both Glory Days Boxing and a Sideline Strategy Games product will incur higher shipping charges since they cannot be packaged and bundled in one shipping box, but instead ship from two different states.  I apologize for any inconvenience and the additional shipping charges.




Anthony Crooks presents Glory Days Boxing.

This listing is for both the printed game components that include 100 heavyweight boxers and the first add-on set of 100 Lightweight boxers.

The Heavyweights included:

Pedro Agosto, Muhammad Ali, Chris Arreola, Buddy Baer, Max Baer, Tyrell Biggs, Duane Bobick, James Braddock, Lamon Brewster, Shannon Briggs, Frank Bruno, Joe Bugner, Tommy Burns, Chris Byrd, Primo Carnera, Ezzard Charles, Frank Childs, Derek Chisora, George Chuvalo, Gerrie Coetzee, Gerry Cooney, Henry Cooper, James Corbett, Jack Dempsey, Buster Douglas, Luis Firpo, Bob Fitzsimmons, Jim Flynn, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Tyson Fury, Tony Galento, George Godfrey, Andrew Golota, Joe Goss, Joe Grim, David Haye, Evander Holyfield, Peter Jackson, Joe Jeannette, James Jeffries, Bryant Jennings, Ingemar Johansson, Battling Jim Johnson, Jack Johnson, Anthony Joshua, Alabama Kid, Jake Kilrain, Vitali Klitschko, Wladimir Klitschko, Kallie Knoetze, Sam Langford, Lennox Lewis, Joe Louis, Peter Maher, Rocky Marciano, Denver Ed Martin, Luther McCarty, Jameel McCline, Sam McVea, Ray Mercer, Jarrell Miller, Tommy Morrison, Ken Norton, Ossie Ocasio, Greg Page, Al Palzer, Floyd Patterson, Arthur Pelkey, Samuel Peter, Alexander Povetkin, Jerry Quarry, Jose Ribalta, Donovan Ruddock, Gus Ruhlin, John Ruiz, Bob Satterfield, Max Schmeling, Malik Scott, Tom Sharkey, Earnie Shavers, Abe Simon, Leon Spinks, Teofilo Stevenson, John L Sullivan, John Tate, James Tillis, David Tua, Gene Tunney, Mel Turnbow, Mike Tyson, Nikolay Valuev, Jersey Joe Walcott, Mike Weaver, Chuck Wepner, Deontay Wilder, Cleveland Williams, DaVarryl Williamson, Harry Wills, Jimmy Young.

The Lightweights included:

Lou Ambers, Sammy Angott, Urbano Antillon, Art Aragon, Alexis Arguello, Harry Arroyo, Sergei Artemiev, Jack Blackburn, Kenny Bogner, Sailor Bourne, Livingstone Bramble, Jimmy Britt, Joe Brown, Ken Buchanan, James Busceme, Hector Camacho, Tommy Campbell, Tony Canzoneri, Joel Casamayor, Jose Luis Castillo, Julio Cesar Chavez, Richard Commey, Terrence Crawford, Tyrone Crawley, Howard Davis Jr, Freddie Dawson, Juan Diaz, Bobby Dobbs, Roberto Duran, Roberto Elizondo, Frank Erne, Arturo Frias, Sammy Fuller, Andy Ganigan, Joe Gans, Norman Goins, Jimmy Goodrich, Greg Haugen, Dave Holly, Beau Jack, Willie Jackson, Lionel Johnson, Hilmer Kenty, George Keys, Deuk-Koo Kim, Ismael Laguna, Ray Lampkin, George Lavigne, Benny Leonard, Vasiliy Lomachenko, Henry Lundy, Ray Mancini, Sammy Mandell, Jeff Mayweather, Jack McAuliffe, Packey McFarland, John Molina Jr, Pedro Montanez, Bob Montgomery, Shane Mosley, Tommy Murphy, Phillip N’dou, Ruben Navarro, Battling Nelson, Rustam Nugaev, Sean O’Grady, Carlo Orlandi, Carlos Ortiz, Young Otto, Manny Paquiao, Jimmy Paul, Vinny Pazienza, Darleys Perez, Billy Petrolle, Wesley Ramey, Jose Luis Ramirez, Rocky Randell, Willie Ritchie, Joe Rivers, Orlando Romero, Edwin Rosario, Rafael Ruelas, Denis Shafikov, Al Singer, Paul Spadafora, Tracy Spann, Aladin Stevens, Lew Tendler, Sergio Thompson, Willie Toweel, Carlos Uribe, Edwin Valero, Miguel Vazquez, Edwin Viruet, Jim Watt, Freddie Welsh, Julian Wheeler, Pernell Whitaker, Ike Williams, Ad Wolgast.


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