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Printed Fast Action Cards (FAC) to replace the two six-sided dice rolls.  The FAC also provide an easy timing system for each round.  Draw 9 cards for each round rather than checking the segments off on the score sheet or moving a pawn on the game board.

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Fast Action Cards (FAC) are available as a free PDF download (link provided below) or as limited print set for $15 (includes shipping; initial print run is limited to 20 sets and further sets will be produced based on demand)).  The FAC can be used to replace the 2D6 dice rolls for each segment’s ring general check, as well as serving as a timing mechanism for the round.

Using the FAC cards
1-Shuffle the deck.
2-Draw 9 cards. One card represents one of the nine segments that make up one round.
3-Flip a card to start each of the 9 segments. Use the Red and Blue readings on the FAC and check each boxer’s ring general section of their card to determine control and/or a toe-to-toe exchange.
4-Roll the percentile dice and d20 to resolve all other results for the segment.
5-Flip the next card to begin the next segment and repeat until all 9 FACs have been drawn. The round ends after the last card is drawn and segment is resolved using step 4.

Glory Days Boxing - PDF FAC – Glory Days Boxing PDF Fast Action Cards (FAC) for determining ring general control and round timing.


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