Payoff Pitch Baseball – Stat Collectors

I have tried to make it easy for anyone to fill in the workbooks below by finding adequate data sources.  The bb-ref file information can all be found on the site.  While I use play by play data from other sources, baseball-reference is an easy to use, free source for most MLB seasons. is also a good source to get batter split stats for the whole league.  When using, using the Share & more, html <table> option to select and copy the data works best when pasting into Excel.  OpenOffice does not work as well and requires a different copy/paste method, at least in my experience.

Some of the fielding stats will not be available for other pro leagues including the minor leagues.  In those cases, please use the alternate-fielding file rather than the position sheets in the bb-ref file.  When data isn’t available, please provide as much as possible.  At a minimum, I will need the basic batting and pitching stats, standings and ballparks and basic fielding files completed to attempt to rate a season.  Instead of fielding, running and bunting stats, you may provide secondary ratings like range, error, arm, run, steal, etc… with the batting and pitching stats.  Where possible, I will use the ratings provided and create the appropriate batting and pitching stats.  There is not a template for ratings.

For non-MLB leagues, please include the players batting and throwing hand(s) and age.

bb-ref_data – Base running, miscellaneous batting, fielding and pitching data available on  Please preserve the html links when possible.  If not possible, please provide the Lahman, Baseball-Reference or FanGraphs ID with the data.

Batting_Pitching_basic_stats – Basic batting and pitching stats available on most stat sites

Standings-ballparks – Standings and ballparks.  Standings can be found on using the MLB Detailed standings.

Alternate-fielding – Basic fielding information to use when/if baseball-reference data is not available

Once the files are complete, please email them to  (replacing -at- with the @ symbol).